How MPS Brings Efficiency to Your Manufacturing Operation

Every industry has different print needs, and manufacturing operations are no exception. What you print, how much you print, where and why you print—there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, Managed Print Services (MPS) can bring new efficiencies to your manufacturing environment regardless of your unique requirements. Read on to learn how.

Digitize Paper & Related Processes
MPS makes it possible for manufacturers to get out from under paper pressure by transitioning to digital documents. Scan paper documents into the system as the first step of your workflow. Then have sophisticated Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software extract key metadata such as customer names, order numbers, and dates. This metadata enables the integration of digital documents with ERP software. Going digital eliminates the costs of archival storage and transportation, while making data searching fast and simple, whatever the need: audits, inventory or damaged goods claims, erroneous shipments, or regulatory records.

Automate Workflows
MPS can help you identify the process needs and automation opportunities for each area of your manufacturing operation, from the loading dock to the distribution center to the back office. By adjusting and automating workflows, MPS provides unbeatable efficiencies. For example, cross-referencing delivery documentation records on paper is extremely tedious and labor-intensive; imagine an automatic match effortlessly performed by the computer. Manufacturers can even integrate workflows with their ERP, such as accounts receivable and payable.

Provide Cost Controls and Transform Decision-making
The data made available through MPS gives you unprecedented insight into your manufacturing operation’s areas needing improvement. Reports can include print volumes, printer numbers and models, costs, and more. Break down your data by business unit, computer application, or printer location—with MPS, you’re in complete control.

Other Benefits of MPS for Manufacturing Companies
MPS provides much-needed simplicity for manufacturing’s printing operations. You’ll consolidate vendors, leave ordering consumables to your MPS partner, eliminate wasteful bulk preprinted forms, and fax over IP. Your security will improve, too, with pull printing, user authentication, encryption, and other controls.

Manufacturing operations have unique demands, and Managed Print Services can meet and exceed them. Contact Monster Technology today to optimize printing in your manufacturing business.