Is a Managed IT Solution Right for Your Business?

Making the switch to a Managed IT solution is a choice that many businesses face as the need for security increases and technology in the office evolves. What businesses of every size are finding is that outsourcing to a Managed IT provider actually makes sense on multiple fronts, with industry research suggesting that small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are in search of IT solutions that reduce costs but also want to partner with innovative partners that help their business grow. To determine if Managed IT Services are right for your business, here are a few key advantages of outsourcing IT.

Cost Control – As mentioned, reducing IT costs is a driving factor that turns many business owners to outsourcing the management of their technology infrastructures. Managed IT Services provides an alternative to the “break-fix” method of handling IT, an approach that requires businesses to pay exorbitant fees to expedite problem solving after experiencing an IT issue. Instead, Managed IT Services provides a predictable monthly bill that includes preventative maintenance and the resolution of any issues, rather than unexpected fees. Outsourcing also means that you avoid paying someone in-house to provide these services, including the salary, benefits, continuing education, and other overhead costs associated with hiring a dedicated employee. Businesses outsourcing their IT to a partner experience the benefits of controlling their IT budget, making it an attractive choice.

Access to Experts – Can you confidently say that your in-house IT representative is trained on the latest in network security? Outsourcing to a credible Managed IT Services provider means that your business has access to highly-skilled technical specialists. The viability of your IT partner’s entire business is dependent on the qualifications of the specialists monitoring and maintaining your network, servers, and devices. They bring this skill and expertise to your company, relinquishing you of the burden of ensuring an in-house employee is up-to-date on the latest in the field.

Enhanced Security – As security threats like ransomware and cyber-attacks loom for businesses across the globe, companies that once believed they were immune from these dangers are required to address security threats. Working with a Managed IT partner enhances your current system security, including more easily maintaining regulatory compliance measures. This improved security can even expand into Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions that ensure and maximize uptime in the event of a disaster.

Scalable Services – If you are hesitant to incorporate new products or services into your business simply because you do not know how to adjust your current IT infrastructure to handle the changes, something’s off. Don’t let your IT hold back your business’s growth. Instead, your Managed IT Services partner will provide the scalability you need to expand, including all necessary security measures, additional memory, and maximized uptime.

If any of the above advantages ring true as features that your business needs to consistently, securely manage your IT infrastructure, contact Monster Technology today. Our network monitoring, security, updates, and ongoing maintenance allow you to focus on your business while we managed your IT.