Are You Making the Most of Your MFP? A Few Basic Tips

If you have a multifunction printer (MFP), you probably already prize efficiency. Having multiple functions—printing, scanning, copying, faxing—in one device saves time, money, and space. But are you making the most of your MFP? Get to know its workflow-improving features, and you’ll see an even greater return on investment (ROI). To help you make the most of your office equipment, we’ve put together a few tips for maximizing your MFP.

Take Advantage of Automated Processes
Do you scan a document and then return to your computer to track it down on your desktop, rename it, and save it to its proper location? If so, you’ll be a huge fan of MFPs’ scan-to-file feature, which lets you scan each document directly into the networked folder of your choice. Planning to email the scanned document? Send it directly from the MFP interface. You’ll save the hassle of having to open your email program or come face-to-face with your overflowing inbox.

Leverage Smart Software
MFPs now have outstanding processing power, and you can use optical character recognition (OCR) to make sure all of your electronic documents have searchable content. Designate specific index fields to make searching and finding digital documents even faster. MFPs also play nicely with electronic document management systems, enabling you to save files to a centralized location, import data, and link them to specific customer accounts.

Connect to the Cloud
Your MFP may sit in an office, but it’s perfectly compatible with the cloud. With cloud-connected tools, you can upload newly-scanned documents to your website’s content management system (CMS) or your Google account. MFPs can also empower your mobile devices through wireless connectivity, enabling direct printing from tablets and phones.

Get Specific
Various industries—such as education, legal, healthcare, financial, and manufacturing—have unique MFP tools and processes available to them. Work with your provider to connect your MFP to industry-standard software, improving efficiency, privacy, compliance, and security.

Your multifunction printer is a powerhouse, with many consolidated functions and diverse features available in a single machine. Leverage your MFP’s power beyond paper and into data and workflow. Contact Monster Technology to put MFPs to work for your business.