How to Choose Your Next MFP

The multifunction printer (MFP) has become a staple in the modern office, and you’ll rarely walk into a business without seeing one. The multifunction printer can do the job of a printer, fax machine, scanner, and copier, and has the potential to save companies time, money, and resources, so it’s no wonder that these productivity workhorses have become so popular.

If you’re in the market for a new multifunction printer, you may be wondering how you can find the best value for your dollar. There are a few steps you should take before you begin your search to be sure that you’re choosing the right MFP.

Choosing an MFP for Your Business

The right technology can make your company more productive, save you money, and make employees’ lives easier. Ask these questions before you make a selection.

  1. What are my company’s needs? Your organization is unique, and has unique printing needs as a result. Maybe you print high-quality color displays every month, or maybe you only print black-and-white documents. Perhaps you’re cranking out thousands of pages a day in your business, or perhaps you only print a few times a week. Whatever the case, you need to know what your requirements are before you go shopping for a printer, because these needs will determine what machine best suits you.
  2. What can I invest now and over time? A printer costs more than the initial investment: it also has a cost over time, referred to as the total cost of ownership (TCO). TCO is a calculation that lets you estimate how much you’ll pay to maintain your machine, and makes it simpler to make a decision with an eye toward the future.
  3. What devices will I be integrating with my MFP? You want compatability in your devices, there’s no question about it. The modern office is networked and connected, so make sure whatever model of MFP you choose, it can communicate with your business tools.

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