Go Green with Managed Print Services

Sustainability and environmental friendliness are core components of good corporate citizenship today, as more and more consumers value doing business with a green company. But where do you begin? Initiatives like smart building technology and renewable energy hold great promise, but for a fast ROI, try starting with your print environment. CompTIA, a nonprofit association for the technology industry, recently interviewed some 900 executives from US and Canadian IT companies, discovering that more than 50 percent of those companies describe their print volume as moderate to very high. Managed Print Services (MPS)—a partnership for print-related equipment, services, and supplies—provides a centralized option to easily capture that low-hanging ‘green’ fruit.

Power & Carbon Footprint
Printing can be a major power drain in today’s office. An MPS partner will lower your print fleet’s carbon footprint by ensuring that you’re working with the most energy-efficient machines, part of a fleet that matches your needs. MPS relies on ENERGY STAR devices, and often utilizes energy-saving sleep modes to help conserve power.

Some 81 percent of offices have recycle bins near their printers, but paper recycling is just the beginning of MPS’s green measures. Through MPS’s administrative dashboards, you can get real-time information about consumption practices—who prints what, how much, and how often—enabling you to make operational adjustments that save paper and toner. You can also establish print limits. In addition, MPS will also provide an easy option for recycling used toner cartridges, saving raw materials and preventing toxic waste from ending up in landfills.

Equipment Lifecycle
Printers and related equipment, like most technology, are often made with plastics and other environmentally-damaging materials. Each element of a printer must be disposed of properly to prevent toxic waste and pollution. An MPS partner handles end-of-life logistics for your printers, making sure that out-of-service machines are properly disassembled and diverted into proper waste or recycling streams.

Printing Practices
MPS also provides simple but effective print tools that are good for the environment, like duplex (double-sided) printing, toner saving mode, monochrome printing, and more. Add “think before you ink” policies and Electronic Document Management, and you’re well on your way to a green office.

With Managed Print Services, you can reduce your print-related waste by as much as 81 percent. If going green sounds good to you, call on Monster Technology today for an MPS assessment to help you get started.