Gain a Competitive Edge with MPS

Whether they’re operating in a crowded market or against a single main competitor, businesses today need to leverage every tool at their disposal to gain a competitive edge. With printing serving as a support function at almost every company—one that can equal up to six percent of its costs—Managed Print Services (MPS) provides a tremendous opportunity to help you outperform the competition. Read on to learn how MPS can help your business compete.

Increase Productivity
Moving to MPS can reduce the number of steps—both literal and figurative—your team needs to take in order to print documents. An MPS assessment will help streamline your print fleet, while multifunction devices (MFPs) can replace time-consuming paper handling activities such as folding, stuffing, and labeling. High-speed autofeed scanners with scan-to-file and scan-to-email features can also help streamline workflows. Meanwhile, your MPS partner will take on the hassles of maintenance, software patches, and ordering supplies like toner and paper.

Reduce Costs
Moving to MPS can save your business as much as 30 percent on print-related costs by streamlining your fleet, designing rules and cost-saving defaults, and eliminating waste. You’ll also be able to manage your print resources more efficiently, controlling print capabilities by individual or department. For example, you may limit color printing to your marketing team only.

Improve Sustainability
Whether want to tout your green credentials or just do your part for the well being of the planet, MPS can help. You’ll be able to reduce the amount of energy your fleet uses, cut down on wasted toner and paper, and save raw materials by recycling toner cartridges. MPS will even help when it comes to going paperless.

Create Top-Notch Print Materials
With reduced costs and a well-designed print fleet, MPS can help you build your brand with high-quality printing. You’ll no longer need to negotiate with an outside print shop to create stunning collateral or direct mail pieces, and your ability to print on demand makes it easy to keep all of your content up to date. Color printing, which makes your company appear more successful, will become more affordable as you pay for only the toner you use.

Managed Print Services is a solution that will benefit your business and help you stand out from the competition. Contact Monster Technology for an MPS assessment and learn how you can leverage your print environment for a competitive edge.