What to Expect From a Multifunction Printer


Multifunction printers (also called multifunction copiers or all-in-one printers) are considered indispensable in the modern office setting, and that’s true whether your company employs thousands or there’s just a few of you. Multifunction printers are designed with productivity and savings in mind, and no matter what kind of business you’re in, there’s no denying the benefits.

What to Expect

Business requirements vary, and there are multifunction printers designed to meet a variety of demands. The device you choose should be based on your specific business needs, including your expected print volumes and page-per-minute requirements.

Typically, most multifunction printers include basic capabilities to copy, print, scan, and fax, with additional features available from there.

1. Printing

If your office is cluttered with a fleet of single-function network or desktop inkjet printers, replacing them with an MFP is a good business decision.

  • Desktop inkjet printers have a much higher cost per page than multifunction printers.
  • Multifunction printers have built-in paper saving capabilities, including eliminating unnecessary pages and automatic duplexing.
  • Use your MFP to convert digital data to printed formats.

2. Copying

Multifunction printers simplify and speed up the copying process with multi-page feeder trays, and many models are equipped to handle high volumes with the addition of optional high-capacity paper trays. Auto-feed capabilities keep the process moving, and options for hole punching and multi-position stapling make it easy to produce professional quality reports and booklets in-house.

3. Scanning

For businesses interested in paperless initiatives, multifunction printers and scanners are essential. Just choose your format and send the document to individuals via email or route to folders, cloud storage repositories, or workflows.

4. Faxing

Send or receive documents and images via your multifunction printer’s fax capabilities. Most devices allow users to send documents via centralized servers or traditional phone lines.

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