Control Hidden Costs with Managed Print Services

Does your business feel stretched by costs lately? You may not realize it, but some of those excess costs may be hidden within your current printing infrastructure. Use Managed Print Services (MPS) to bring those hidden costs into the light and eliminate them.

Use Low-Cost Printers in High-Volume Areas

When our teams head into a company for the first time and look at the current printer infrastructure, we often find that a significant source of unnecessary cash loss is the use of high-cost printers. Companies tend to have at least one expensive printer so they can produce high-quality prints without having to outsource. This is a great plan, but it becomes a problem when employees use it to print their day-to-day items, which are often used in-house where high quality isn’t typically needed. Or, a company will not realize it purchased a high-quality printer when the middle-of-the-road model is all that was necessary. A managed print service provider can identify these printers and either relegate them to areas where fewer employees have access (and replace them with lower cost printers) or provide recommendations for the right combination of speed, quality, and cost needed in each area of the business.

Get Supplies on an As-Needed Basis

Many companies will stockpile their supplies because they feel it is easier to have supplies available for immediate replacement. While this is smart in theory, the reality is that resources can easily be mismanaged. You can open the supply closet one day and realize that you have thousands of dollars worth of supplies lying around, waiting to be needed. Rather than waste cash flow on supplies, you might need one day, get on a strict order-as-needed schedule for your printer supplies.

Managed print services take the guesswork out of maintenance and supply ordering. Rather than waiting for a printer malfunction to call the service repair technician, your maintenance will be scheduled proactively, and your systems will be monitored for potential issues. And rather than having to pay attention to the level of ink, or worse, completely run out, your levels will be monitored and supplies will be replenished automatically.

Using Manages Print Services will streamline your company’s output and cash flow. And contrary to what you might believe, companies that use managed print services end up saving as much as 30%.

Take the hidden costs out of printing with MPS.