Should Your Business Implement MPS?

Any smart company is always on the lookout for ways to reduce costs and improve operations. Consider Managed Print Services (MPS), a holistic approach to the purchasing, service, maintenance, and security of your print infrastructure. If printing seems like a basic function that doesn’t need “managing,” dig a little deeper to understand whether MPS can help take your business to the next level.

Do you lack an optimized print strategy? A lack of direction is bound to lead to waste and financial loss. An MPS assessment can identify ways to get the print outputs you need without wasting resources or risking data. An MPS partner provides the expertise your business needs to evaluate print operations and optimize them.

Do you want to lower your true costs? Yes, Managed Print Services can help lower your direct print-related costs like printers and consumables. But, one of its more powerful contributions is in the indirect costs you probably aren’t tracking. What’s the cost of your IT personnel’s time that is being wasted on low-level printer management? How much do employee interruptions and distractions impact productivity? MPS lets you focus your resources on strategic, value-adding work.

Is your fleet a mish-mash? Commonly, printer fleets evolve over time, growing organically as a printer is added here, a scanner there, a copier down the hall. Managed Print Services will right-size your fleet, refining the number, locations, and types of devices you use. The right MPS partner will design a print solution that is optimized for your company (while keeping your budget in mind).

Is your staff distracted by interruptions? Managed Print Services takes a load off of office staff by automating supply replenishment and frees IT staff by handling support, help desk duties, and maintenance. When you transfer daily management of print operations to your MPS partner, office staff get their work done more efficiently and IT experts can focus on strategic initiatives.

Whether you have four devices or 40, black and white or color, printers, scanners, fax machines, or some combination thereof, MPS can transform how your print infrastructure affects your bottom line. Call Monster Technology today to see what MPS can do for your business.

About Monster Technology

Monster Technology is nationwide business technology provider. With sales offices in the Los Angeles & Reno Metro area as well as distribution centers all over the US. We help our clients improve productivity while yielding real hard cost savings through leveraging our muti-phase approach. Our core offerings include Managed Print Services, Managed IT, Document Management and Office Equipment.