Bringing Color In-house: Why Outsourcing Doesn’t Make Sense

Small and mid-sized businesses have long been outsourcing color printing, relying on local print shops or large vendors to create their color materials. Now, however, that same quality can be brought in-house, opening new possibilities and saving you money. There is sometimes hesitation to take on color printing, but for many companies, bringing color printing in-house is the smart thing to do. Read on to learn why.

Outsourcing Color Carries Risk
Whether you handle HIPAA-protected information, legal documents, financials, or simple customer data, once files leave your office, you are entirely dependent on the security processes, controls, and networks of your print shop. You’re also subject to their priorities, and along with it fluctuating lead time and responsiveness.

Outsourcing Color Printing is Costly
It’s common to face inflated print volumes when outsourcing in order to meet the high minimum volumes for color printing, but paying for brochures you don’t need simply isn’t cost-effective. Neither is paying a single per-page fee regardless of how much color toner is used. You also lose precious employee time navigating designs, proofs, and payments when working with an outside vendor.

In-House Color Printing Saves Money
Color printers are getting cheaper with each generation. By bringing color in-house, you’ll eliminate expensive minimum runs and wasted transaction time. Get the best bang for your buck with a color multi-function printer (MFP) that combines print, scan, copy, and fax capabilities all in one machine, reducing your footprint. To control costs, you can decide which employees and departments may print in color through permissions, monitor usage volumes, or establish print limits.

In-House Color Printing Offers Opportunities
When you pay only for the toner you use (and not on a per-page basis), you’re free to add color to your materials in a way that is impactful yet economical. Print on many different kinds of media, such as cardstock, vinyl, fabrics, and posters, or polish off a publication with folding, stapling, or binding. You have nearly limitless variety and opportunity.

Outsourcing color printing is a long-held habit of small and mid-sized businesses, but thanks to today’s technology, it no longer makes sense. Weighing the costs and risks of outsourcing against in-house savings and opportunities, it’s no contest. Contact Monster Technology for help putting together an in-house color print solution that works for you.