6 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud – Monster Technology

An article by the online publication VentureBeat found that nearly 30 percent of Microsoft’s yearly revenue is coming from cloud-based apps and software. Most analysts believe that in the future, nearly every business will be using the cloud. If you are still using on-site servers to power your network, you may want to give some thought to just how beneficial cloud computing can be.
Rather than wasting the memory on your computer due to app or software downloads, you can put these programs on the cloud. Read below to find out more about the benefits that come with moving your business to the cloud.

1. A Higher Degree of Flexibility
For most business owners, the decision to move to a cloud-based system is mostly about the flexibility it offers. Being able to scale your network up or down with ease is possible when using the cloud. If your network needs more bandwidth, these changes can be made and implemented in a flash.
This level of flexibility can give your business a competitive edge. Many of the top IT directors and CIOs in the world claim that the operational agility provided by the cloud is the driving force behind its popularity in the business community.

2. Security
If you are like most business owners, network security is one of your main concerns. Recently, there has been a rise in ransomware attacks all over the world. Having a disaster recovery plan to deal with this type of cyber-attack is a must.
One of the best ways to ensure your data is properly backed up and safe is by investing in cloud computing services. According to the Aberdeen Group, small businesses are far more likely than larger corporations to use a cloud-based backup. Using these backups allow a small business to avoid large upfront investments and save time in the process.

3. Work From Anywhere
Are you trying to offer your workers a higher degree of freedom and flexibility? If so, investing in cloud computing is a great option. By putting all of your files and programs on the cloud, you will be able to access them from anywhere that has a strong internet connection. This means you can let employees work from home or even check in on how things are going if you are away on a business trip.

4. Automatic Updates
Allowing software programs and apps to become outdated can be very dangerous. Often times, hackers will use the security holes in outdated software to infiltrate a business computer network. If you find it hard to remember to perform these updates, then you can definitely benefit from using the cloud. By using cloud computing, you can rest assured all of your important apps and programs are up to date and functional.

5. Automatic Backups
Most business computer networks feature tons of sensitive data and documents. Making sure these digital documents are safe should be one of the main concerns you have as a business owner. The cloud makes it easy to backup your files and keep them safe. This can come in handy if you experience a network crash or are the victim of a cyber-attack.

6. Environmentally Friendly
Moving to the cloud is also a great way to make your company more eco-friendly. Since all of your important documents will be stored on the cloud, you will be able to eliminate paper waste from your workspace. Due to the scalable nature of the cloud, your company will only use the amount of energy it needs, which is a great way to reduce the carbon footprint your business has.
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