5 Reasons Your Business Needs Mobile Printing Access

A study conducted by the Gartner Group found that 90 percent of business owners don’t know how many printers they have or what they pay to keep these printers functional. Finding out what type of printers you have in place will allow you to see if they need to be updated. Using the most technologically advanced printers is not only beneficial for your employees — it can save you money as well.
One of the biggest trends in the business printing world is mobile printing. The following are just some of the reasons why providing your employees with mobile printing access is a good idea.

1. Meeting With Clients Offsite
Regularly meeting with clients offsite is something you probably do on a regular basis. When having these meetings, your team may need to print off a document. Instead of telling a client you can produce the paperwork they need, you should invest in mobile printers. With these machines, fulfilling the requests a client has will be easy. Not only will this make your client happy, it will allow you to present the right image to them as well. Studies show that employees typically print out around 10,000 pages a year. Having the right equipment will allow your employee to print on the go without any trouble.

2. Employees Need to Print From Mobile Devices
Most employees use their phones or mobile devices to read and send emails or messages. If an employee needs to print a document, you need to provide them with the tools to do this easily. In the past, people had to send a copy of the document they wanted to print from their phone to a desktop computer. With the power of mobile printers, you or an employee can print from your phone with the click of a button.

3. Reduce Hardware and Free Up Space in Your Office
Are you tired of your old office printers taking up valuable real estate? With mobile printers, you can save space without compromising productivity. Embracing this technology will benefit your business greatly and can help make your workers more efficient.

4. You Need to Upgrade Your Printers
While mobile printers are small in size, they will have no problem keeping up with the printing demands of your workers. If the printers you currently have are old, chances are you are wasting a lot of money keeping them functional. Rather than throwing money out the window on old printers, you can invest this money in new mobile printers. The money you spend on these printers will more than pay off due to the higher productivity levels they can provide.

5. Save Your Employees Time and Increase Productivity
If you are like most business owners, increasing productivity levels is one of your main concerns. Instead of limiting the productivity of your field workers by denying them the ability to print on the go, you should invest in mobile printers. Having mobile printers in your office space can also prevent an employee from transferring documents from their phone to a desktop to print. With the guidance of a managed print service, you can get the right mobile printers chosen for your business.
For years, the team at Monster Technology has assisted business owners with their printing needs. Whether you need managed print services or a new printer, this company can help you out.