3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Multifunction Printer

Buying a new multifunction printer isn’t an easy task, particularly when you’re weighing the many features, options, models, and brands against your budget. And most business professionals aren’t sure what the best options are for them, especially since this task is only one you have to do every once in a while when your old printer is ready to quit. Too often, companies choose to simply replace their old machine with something exactly like it, giving up possible benefits in favor of what they know. But what you know can hurt you in this case, and it’s worthwhile to do some research before you make your final decision.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing

When it comes down to it, the best printer is the one that works for you—consistently. Quality, features, and speed all play a factor in how well a printer works, and it’s essential that you consider what your requirements and non-negotiables are before you make a purchasing decision. Here are the things you should keep in mind while you’re looking for the perfect printer or copier.

Color or Black-and-White

There was a time when businesses used black-and-white almost by default, assuming that color was too expensive and not a necessity. Today, color is much cheaper than it used to be. If you print any of your advertising in-house, it’s worthwhile to consider a printer that has color capabilities.

Features and Functionality

Too many businesses buy with only the here and now in mind. Consider what your company will need as it grows, and buy with an eye toward the future. Some features will save your staff time, which translates to saving money.

Monthly Printing

Finally, it’s crucial that you estimate how much you’ll use your printer. If you purchase a machine that isn’t rated to handle the amount of printing you do in a month, you’ll end up with a device that dies on you before its lifecycle should be up.

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